Bat Exclusion & Bird Control


Bat Exclusion Services

Extermination Plus Inc only performs bat eviction through exclusion.We use humane and nontoxic methods to ensure that bats can leave the building unharmed, but are prevented from reentering.

The bat exclusion process is a two-step process and takes approximately 4-6 days. Extermination plus Inc. does not use chemicals  or other means that harm or kill bats in any way. Our work is guaranteed, because we treat the entire building to prevent bats from returning.

Once the bats have left the building they will need another place to live. In an effort to help the conservation of bat populations, we install bat houses upon eviction of Bats. Bat houses are placed in close proximity to the previous bat roosting site to ensure that previously excluded bats will have a safe place to live, other than moving to a neighboring building.  If you have bats in the house, call today:


We also offer bird control services.


Bird Control - Pigeon Control

Our bird control service is designed to permanently exclude birds from potential nesting and perching areas on or inside structures. These areas include roof intersections, eaves, ledges, beams, gutter down spouts, chimneys, attics, etc. We focus on these specific areas, because birds require nesting sites year-round and habitually perch on the buildings that they nest on.

  • Extermination Plus Inc installs products such as stainless steel spikes, bird netting, and shock track systems to treat these areas. These products are removable, are very low-visibility, and long-term.
  • Some birds, such as pigeons form nests out of their own droppings as well as other debris, such as twigs, etc. Bird feces and related debris also accumulate in the rain-gutter system, roof valleys and on the ground and walks below.
  • Bird droppings are highly acidic and expand in size when moistened by rain, dew, etc. If left unchecked, accumulated droppings interfere with proper drainage and penetrate into roofing materials, creating serious roof damage (leaks).
  • Our service is aimed at reducing any potential disease pathogens and parasites associated with bird feces. Inhaled or otherwise contacted particles of feces, mites and other parasites transmit many of the over 50 bird related diseases, such as meningitis, encephalitis, tuberculosis, and salmonella.
  • Extermination Plus Inc incorporates the principles of integrated pest management (IPM) in its assessment and treatment of each installation performed. Our aim is to inform our customers of any potential conditions, which may be conducive to bird activity.